Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Old and New AP Students

For those of you moving on to AP Lit with Mr. Porter, here is his summer assignment: https://sites.google.com/a/fifeschools.com/porter/home/ap-lit-12

Your scores averaged higher than any other class since we began teaching AP Eng Lang at FHS. You should be very proud. I am quite proud of your hard work and dedication last year! Great job!!!! 

4th period picture is here and slightly blurry. :(

For you new AP students, here is your summer assignment. Based on the wisdom of the departing AP Lang class, I made some adjustments to the assignment this year that streamlines it a bit.

NOTE: The summer assignment link sends you to a folder with pdf files hosted by Google Drive. You can view them in your browser, but I strongly suggest downloading the Huck Finn articles to your computer and either printing them or opening them from your computer. The browser interface won't allow you to rotate the articles (they are scanned from a book and are flipped on their side). One student last year told me she had a hard time reading them as it was uncomfortable to turn her head. ;) You have other options!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Gatsby Videos

A few general and then specific notes.

First, I was really impressed with what you were able to put together. Obviously a lot of thought went into these and they show a lot of creativity as well. Really well done!

Saisha, your video played fine on my computer.
Libby, I couldn't get yours to work.

The rest of you that had technical difficulties, try uploading the movie file to Google docs and sharing it with me. That worked pretty well for those who tried it.

In PowerPoint, remember to save as a "show".
In Windows Live Movie Maker, remember to save as a movie file for viewing on a computer.

In no other option works, you could probably upload it to YouTube and send me the link.

Have a great weekend and don't stress about the final too much. It really isn't all that bad as long as you know the stuff.

Grade Checker has been updated.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Final Study Guide

If you would like a study guide for the final, here it is. There are a lot of questions, but is doable in an hour. Some sections are hard-ish, some medium-ish, and some are downright easy.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Gatsby Visual Project

Boss Flapper
So, here is the assignment sheet for the Gatsby Visual Project we discussed in class today in case you lost your copy or happened to be in 4th period where I handed out a version rife with incorrect information. It is due June 14th, meaning it needs to be on the Apps drive in the correct period's folder by the time class begins (I'll show you where that is).