Friday, April 3, 2015

Plagiarism Certificate

Here is the link for the test:

BEFORE you take the test, work through the xamples: They have 5 examples for word-for-word plagiarism and 5 for paraphrase plagiarism. Go through at least one or two each in depth before taking the tests. Pay careful attention to the details of what makes something plagiarism or not. If you don't, you may as well just take the test and guess, but I assure you that students who have done that in the past have only met with frustration. You don't have to review all 5 of each unless you're struggling to understand.

If you have taken the test too many times and they shut you out, clear your browser history and you'll look like a new visitor (make sure you're clearing the cookies too--that's what the site uses to identify your computer). When you complete it, please email the certificate to me. Make sure your name is associated with it. also has explanations if you're having trouble getting it from the Indiana University site. They also have a nice, fairly concise explanation of how to prevent plagiarism in your essays: