Thursday, March 27, 2014

There is No Unmarked Woman

Charge of the jumpsuits!
1. So, this idea of marked and unmarked gender styles is interesting. The more I think about it, the more I think it is true. But Deborah Tannen's article is constructed in an interesting manner as well. To examine that structure and the techniques she used to get her point across, blog the questions 1-8 on page 393.

Human Barbie: Creepy
2. We also took a look at Barbie Doll on page 403-4. Considering the essay There Is No Unmarked Woman, attempt to explain why and how the expectations for women's looks and styles affects how women live their lives. Are there good things about the expectations and the world of fashion and makeup, or is it wholly pernicious to society and to personal and professional relationships? Append this to the questions.

Due on Monday

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Assertive Angel

For your homework, blog your response to the following prompt:

Assertion Journal: The Angel in the House

Defend, challenge, or qualify the following assertion noting the complexity of the issue and acknowledging any possible objections to your point of view: the angel in the house is dead and no longer lives in the imaginations of either women or men.

Remember to explain the assertion, provide support for your position, and address the counterargument. Responses should be 250-350 words.

NOTE: For those of you who have yet to read Professions for Women in our textbook, the Angel in the House might not make sense. Read Professions for Women, and then write the assertion journal.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Women's Brains

As we wrestle with the unpleasant, but important to understand Women's Brains by Stephen Jay Gould, work on the Rhetoric and Style questions 1-12 on pages 354-55 of the TLC book. They are due Monday.

As you work with this essay, think about the implications of the ideas in the essay -- both those of Gould and of those he quoted. Are there echoes of those ideas alive and kicking today? How? When? Where? To what extent? ;) Append a brief reflection on those questions at the end of questions 1-12.

Next week we'll look at some more gender themed stuff while also hitting the test prep with another timed write and more multiple choice.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Synthesis, Sources, and the AP test! Oh my!

Here is the AP Scoring Excel File that we used in class today. You can play with this to your heart's content.
Don't play with it so much that you forget to do your homework, though. In our books, read pages 62-68 and blog the accompanying assignment that terminates on page 68.