Friday, May 31, 2013

Gatsby Visual Project

Boss Flapper
So, here is the assignment sheet for the Gatsby Visual Project we discussed in class today. It is due June 6th, meaning it needs to be on the Apps drive in the correct period's folder by the time class begins (I'll show you where that is) or uploaded to Google Docs and shared with me.

We have Monday - Wednesday next week in the lab to work on these. If you want to work on it at home, I'd strongly recommend bringing a laptop to school as Windows Media Player files don't transfer between versions. Also, the files to play need to be exported in to MP4 or AVI files.

Have a great weekend!

Sample Video
Another one

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Feeling a little bit like the woman on the right? Well, this post is for you, then. The presentation has been moved from Thursday to Tuesday when we get back from Memorial Day. Hopefully that makes you feel like the woman below. :)

If you're doing a Google Doc presentation, please remember to share it with me so that I can collect them and we don't have to log in and out of accounts on Tuesday.

Read Gatsby Chapter 4 tonight. (I'm going to see the movie on Friday!)

Oh yes, and here are the rubrics. You don't need to print them out, I just wanted you to see them even though we've talked about them and they are very straight forward. Remember, the evaluation is based primarily on the concerns of the AP synthesis rubric, so #1 on the presentation rubric is the most important and weighted the heaviest.

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Great Gatsby

Here is the schedule and instructions for our Gatsby readings and bookblogs!

Here's an abbreviated study guide for those who find them useful. It is NOT required that you complete this.

We are going through this pretty fast -- essentially 9 chapters in 2 weeks. Don't fall behind and feel free to read ahead if you'd like, though out of respect for those who don't appreciate spoilers, please confine discussions to the schedule.

I'm about 90% sure the field trip to see the movie is going to pan out -- I'm waiting to hear back from the movie theater at the moment. It looks like it will be in the neighborhood of 12-15 dollars a piece for transportation and tickets (assuming a Fandango fee).

For those who have had trouble with the pdf, here is the handout:

The Great Gatsby Bookblog[1]

For each chapter, you need to create a bookblog entry that includes the following features:
  • 1 textual observation[2] on a theme in the novel, either how it is functioning for a particular character/situation or how it figures into Fitzgerald’s argument in the novel. Possible themes include: the corrupting influence of wealth, the hollowness of the upper class and of the American Dream. Also interesting to explore would be the question of the character of love and its worth, for example what is worth doing or giving up for love? 
  • 1 textual observation on character development 
  • 1 textual observation about the use of symbol, metaphor, or color (color in terms of symbolism, meaning, etc) 
You may find that a dialectical journal format works well for this, though I leave form up to you as long as it contains the elements listed above.

20 points a piece

The Great Gatsby Reading Schedule
Page Range
# of Pgs
Read by
Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
Chapter VIII
Chapter IX
Don’t fall behind! There will be a test (Gatsby Stuff will be on the final)

[1] A bookblog is a booklog done on your blog.  I have no idea if it’s a real word; I made it up one morning several years ago.  I do not claim originality though.  I imagine it’s been coined before.  J
[2] For the purpose of this assignment, textual observation refers to an analytical comment rooted in a specific text. Please provide the page number and include the actual text if possible (sometimes it is too long).  There are a number of sites that contain the full text of The Great Gatsby.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Notes on the Practice Test

On Friday, don't forget that we will not be going to 1st period. I will leave my room about 7:30 to head over to the district office. We will meet in the boardroom. If you'd like, you're more than welcome to head over there with me. We will finish sometime during 4th period, but after 1st lunch. We will head over to Dairy Queen after the test for some lunch. You are welcome to bring money or your own lunch. We will not have field trip transportation, so I am sorry that we will not be able to drive anywhere else. We will be back in class for 5th period.

Remember that you need to bring:

  • pencil(s)
  • blue or black pen(s)
  • notebook paper