Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bookblogs for Gatsby

If you don't have the paper schedule for our Gatsby readings and bookblogs, here it is!

For those of you looking for a little procrastination fodder before doing your blogs, here is 6:32 worth of procrastination.  Then get your blogs done so you can do something fun...or sleep. So Ailyn has amazingly never heard this song. Wow. No longer. Speaking of weird 80s videos, this one takes the cake as far as I know.

Procrastination over.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gatsby Bookblog

Oh, those silly flappers...
This post is for clarification on the bookblogs and readings. After chapter 1, the bookblogs will be due by class time. That way, you are better prepared to discuss the book. The quality of our discussions will rest largely on the quality of your preparation. Tonight though, don't worry about the bookblog until later as you have papers to worry about.

Some in 4th period were interested in a study guide. Don't worry, it won't be required, but some of you may find it helps direct your reading. Here it is. (I think the page numbers are off from the versions we have at the moment; I got this from an AP Lit teacher I know. Once you find the first couple pages, just extrapolate out from there. If someone figures it out, I'll update the file for next year.)

The essay post has been pushed down pretty far. If you want faster access, this link is at your service.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Dance! Baby, Dance!

For the AP test is over!
(don't forget to scroll down below the video for some important messages)

Dance, Bubba!! :)
Now that you have the dancing out of your system (right, when do you ever get dancing out of your system?), it's time to start those papers if you haven't already. If you lost your information on that, scroll down from this post 6 or 7 posts and you'll see it.  We'll try to get a lab day or two next week, but we will also start The Great Gatsby too. So, if you plan on buying a copy, do so this weekend. Otherwise, we'll pick up copies from the library on Monday. Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

AP Test Reminders

Show up around 7:40 at the district office board room. Don't forget your magic AP pencil. Don't panic. Get good sleep. Summary equals death. Cite 3 or more sources. Calm down. You're as ready as you're going to get. You've got this.

Watch this space. Charlie made you a video about the AP test.

This other one is from a couple of years ago...

Post AP Test Party Sign-up Sheet: Tab 1 for 4th period and tab 2 for 6th period (you may have to log in to edit, but I don't think so).
Here is the Dance Walking video for 4th period. It may get the blood flowing to your brains a bit before the test tomorrow morning. That and it's just silly. A bit of silliness before a big test couldn't hurt.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Feeling stress? Check this out for a smile

Rare documentation of the
elusive tree octopus.
As you are one test into the essentially two week gauntlet of AP and SAT testing, it is important that you not let the pressure get to you. If you do, pretty soon you'll be seeing octopuses in the trees. Don't fall for it. Don't panic. Remember a towel is the most useful object in the universe, after your brain of course. ;)