Wednesday, March 4, 2009

JFK Paper Rough Draft

The rough draft for your JFK paper is due on Monday March 9. 


  • Respond to the prompt on page 57 of our textbook.  You may use the sample thesis above the prompt if you wish.
  • 900-1200 words
  • Due Wednesday March 11, 2009 
  • Use MLA format with the following caveats: 1) Single-space your heading 2) Leave the page number and last name off the first page.  Format examples are here and examples of the above-noted modifications are here.
  • I WILL NOT accept papers that are written in pencil, single-spaced, or with the heading on the right.  Pay attention.  I’ve been lax the first couple of papers as we learned what was expected.  Papers that are not in MLA format will be returned ungraded for corrections and will be counted as late.


  1. Hey Mr. Giddings its Shy sorry i've been sick... I have a question about one of my missing assignments. The JFK Annotation paper. It is on my blog if you could please take a look and see if that is what i'm missing that would be great. Thanks

  2. wow Mr Giddings, you are so approachable in person, but the tone used in this post makes you out to be very intimidating..... I'm definately tripple checking my MLA format!!!

  3. Well, Thundercat, I too have a secret identity. It only emerges when I get papers in pencil and single spaced after I explain for two consecutive papers what the requirements are. I'm usually okay again after an entire class turns in their papers in the correct format. ;)