Monday, October 5, 2009

Diction, Syntax, Toxophilus! Oh My!

As we discussed in 1st period and as you hopefully picked up through the din of Trojan TV 2nd period, we are moving into analyzing other people's arguments.  We were able to tell a whole lot this morning through diction and syntax, allusion and metaphor -- all elements of style.  We will start studying and practicing analysis tomorrow with the return of Timed Write Tuesdays (Whoop Whoop!).

By Wednesday, read pages 35 through the very top of 48 in the Language of Composition and do the assignment on page 48-49.  You'll notice that we've already started reading it, going through the first couple of pages in class.  Read it again.  Though it is due by Wednesday, you may find benefit in at least finishing the reading before the timed write tomorrow.

Since we can't write in our books, here is the text for annotation: Toxophilus. If you want the editable text, here it is.  Our selection begins 3 words into the 5th line of the 1st paragraph and finishes at the end of that same paragraph.

By the way, someone turned in a ripped up, crayon/marker besmirched portion of a summer assignment with no name.  Who would like to claim that fine piece of work?

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