Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Next Year

If you're here looking for the AP Summer Assignment, you found it!
Is it late August and are you terrified you won't finish the summer assignment and thinking about dropping the class?

Hey, future students!!
The Atlantic in my mailbox just today (July/August edition) has declared the End of MenRead about it. It’s a long article, but it is well worth it.
If you’re a girl, be afraid of the demise of men.
If you are a guy, get mad. Get riled. Decide that you will not be left on the scrap heap of culture and history. Tap into your competitive nature. Decide to demand your education. Demand your future. Then earn it.
The world needs more Jacob Rummels and Maverick Antonios and Cody McKenzies (guys who work hard pursuing excellence in everything, at least everything I witnessed them do over the last couple of years).
We'll be talking about the issue of pursuing excellence this coming fall.

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