Thursday, December 16, 2010

Anecdote Paper

I spoke with several people today who misunderstood what an anecdote was and essentially wrote a reflection paper. Like I said in class, please look to the model as a model and think creative writing / show, don't tell. Each anecdote may not convey your whole purpose, but all of them together should say something. Just as in Indian Education, if you read the first anecdote by itself, you assume the paper is about learning to fight and stand up for himself. When it's put in context with the rest of the stories, it takes on additional meaning.

I thought things were clear, but since they obviously were not, let's push the paper back 24 hours to Friday to give people time to rework things if they need to.

Not everyone will see this. I'll send the same thing out in email, but please use your social networking powers to get word out to the rest of your classmates.

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