Monday, March 14, 2011

Women's Brains

As we wrestle with the unpleasant, but important to understand Women's Brains by Stephen Jay Gould, work on the Rhetoric and Style questions 1-12 on pages 354-55 of the TLC book. They are due Wednesday for period 3 and Thursday for period 5, courtesy of the special HSPE schedule.

As you work with this essay, think about the implications of the ideas in the essay -- both those of Gould and of those he quoted. Are there echoes of those ideas alive and kicking today? How? When? Where? To what extent? ;) Thinking about these issues will prime you for the synthesis paper.

REMINDER: The Parallel Structures Grammar as Rhetoric and Style section beginning on page 339 is due Friday in class. Bring it in on paper as we will go over it and answer questions.

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