Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Assignment

Taking AP English Language and Composition next year? Looking for the summer assignment? Follow this link: summer assignment! Enjoy your summer and I'll see you in September.

If you have had trouble accessing the Google Docs, try this site. It's old and I don't use it anymore, but I updated the Summer Assignment page to reflect the current assignment.

UPDATE: The Summer Assignment sheet says it is due on the 1st day of school. That was a remnant of past years and with school beginning prior to Labor Day, it will be due on Tuesday after the long weekend.

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  1. Hi! I was plannin' on take this class next year, but it says I have to log in to a Fife School District something or other to view the link for the assignment sooo I'm not exactly sure what to do! Is there someway I know...view the guidelines and whatnot?