Monday, October 31, 2011

Autumn of the Multitaskers

Take another look at the multitasking article and identify the overall claim/assertion (the glossary of The Language of Composition has a good definition if you need one). Then, identify the claim/assertion in each section of the article (handily, sections are indicated by a drop cap).  Blog your results by Wednesday.

By the way, Nate found a good NPR story on this subject. You can read it or listen to it here. Aside form looking at assertions, this topic goes well with our metacognition papers as we seek to learn how to use our brains most effectively.

Oh, and check the calendar...

Side note: Here is a really graphic blog on texting while driving that I found while looking for a picture of someone running off a road in Wyoming. ONLY for those with strong stomaches. It is the result of an accident. Seriously only for those with strong stomaches.

Oh, and I thought all of these cartoons were funny and I couldn't decide which one to use.


  1. The person ended up in two pieces!! Thats terrible! I showed it to my mom and she freaked out, luckily I don't have a weak stomach when it comes separated body parts and blood.

  2. Looking at those pictures was a bad choice... But when you say you shouldn't look at the pictures, it makes me want to look even more! Bad bad bad choice !!!