Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Prince of a Paper

Lao Tzu eats my dust!
This is a difficult paper and as such, takes time to conceptually wrap your mind around. Some of you are cruising and others are, well, let's just say "not." I don't want to ruin your mid-winter break, but I also don't want to read bad papers, so I have decided to make the following adjustments to our original schedule.

  1. The rough draft check will be on Thursday rather than Wednesday.
  2. The paper will be due on Saturday rather than Friday. 

These changes are also reflected on the Google calendar for your convenience. I hope this shift in timing does not inconvenience anyone. If so, you may of course submit your paper on Friday and frolic all Saturday long whilst texting and tweeting your friends about your joyful, paper-free exploits in order to lift their spirits while they finish up their papers.

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