Friday, November 16, 2012

Last time to the lake

This little essay doesn't come out and make any clear claims (try and find the thesis...right), but it does contain several implied claims. Identify one of those claims and blog about it. Here is it is in more specific language:
  • What is the claim and how is it supported?
  • Defend, challenge, or qualify that claim noting the complexity of the issue and acknowledging any possible objections to your point of view 
So in sum, explain the assertion, provide support for your position, and address the counterargument. Responses should be 250-350 words (i.e. don't go crazy and write a paper, but you'll need a little bit of space to do the job well). And by the way, in the future as we get more into argument we will do similar assignments. When we do, I'll call it an assertion journal. This is more of an initial foray into that realm, though we aren't near ready to leave analysis yet. ;)

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