Thursday, October 10, 2013

I know why the caged bird cannot read...uh, it's a bird.

Who says I can't read?
Finish reading I Know Why the Caged Bird Can't Read that we began in class today. Please read it with a dictionary handy (experiment: can a high school student use without also stopping to use facebook/spotify/tumblr/twitter/
snapchat/instagram/etc?); Prose's prose is rich and varied and can be either a delight or a difficulty depending on your reading vocabulary and fluency. Do your best to understand her argument and the moves she makes in that argument.

Tomorrow we have Dayna Childs from UW Tacoma to talk about their new early entrance program for high performing high school students. We will also have our SAT vocab test on week 5 words, and we will discuss the essay and work in groups on the questions. Whatever isn't finished in class, will be homework. For Monday, please have blogged all assigned questions (the Questions on Rhetoric and Style only on page 100).

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