Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Moth Blog

Moths exist that are bigger than your head!
Choose ONE of the following questions to work on in your group. Everyone will be blogging a response, so please take notes on your discussion. Due by Monday.
  • Compare and contrast the levels of language used by Woolf and Dillard. Cite examples of their use of figurative language to enhance their narratives and advance their theses. Who is their intended audience, and how do they adjust style to this primary set of readers?
  • The Hercules moth might be able to carry this kid away.
  • Compare and contrast the writers' perspective on the central event -- the death of the (a) moth. Does the fact that Woolf personifies the moth and attempts to rescue it reveal anything about her purpose? Does Dillard's reaction to the moth indicate a lack of compassion or philosophical depth? You might want to consider these questions in your response.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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