Friday, December 6, 2013

The Inheritance of Tools

Blog for Monday. Have a great weekend!!
  1. What is Sander's most engaging example of powerful diction? Explain why you think so. (I'm looking at you, Kiana.)
  2. Note 2 examples of Sander's use of parallel structures.
  3. Consider the organization of the essay, noting particularly the section about the gerbils (paragraphs 17-25). How does that section contribute to the overall effect?
  4. Discuss the significance of the gerbil section to the conclusion, which immediately follows.
  5. Read paragraph 20. Explain the purpose of Sander's reference to the grand events included there.
  6. Explain the rhetorical effect of the allusions that Sanders includes in paragraph 25.
  7. Read carefully the final sentence of the essay. Discuss the effectiveness of concluding with this selection of details.

Go Hawks!

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