Tuesday, January 14, 2014

AP Semester Final Study Guide

Version: Winter 2013-14

Primary Study Points

Argument Stasis Questions (Packet)
  • Fact
  • Value
  • Policy
Be able to evaluate a claim and decide the type of argument it necessitates.

Aristotelian Triangle

Toulmin (See blog Class Info and Resources/Rhetorical Analysis Tools/Toulmin Model)
      Know definitions and model
Be able to read a passage and identify what they are talking about, the effect of various rhetorical techniques, the tone, the style, authorial intent, underlying assumptions, etc. Essentially the stuff we’ve been doing all year. If you can answer the blog questions without undue stress, and you seem to get it when we talk about the timed write passages, you should be fine.

There’s more I could ask about, such as thesis types, organizational patterns and their benefits in different situations, and the like. The final was getting kind of long though, so I stopped asking questions. J

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