Saturday, February 1, 2014

Assertion Journal: Carlyle on Work

For those of you not in class on Friday, I'm sorry but here's your homework. Don't let it get bigger than 300-400 words and post it on your blog.

Provide a clear explanation of the assertion that follows. Then defend, challenge, or qualify the assertion noting the complexity of the issue and acknowledging any possible objections to your point of view:

“[T]here is a perennial nobleness, and even sacredness, in Work.” –Thomas Carlyle

Use any combination of first-hand, second-hand, or quantitative evidence you may have stored up in your grey matter (as we said before, everything you’ve ever read, seen, or experienced) to make your case. Make sure you follow the organization pattern laid out in the instructions.

Since we're doing Super Bowl commercials on Monday and a timed write Tuesday, I'm changing the due date from Monday by class to Wednesday by class. Spread the word.

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