Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Beauty and Meaning in the Quotidian

In paragraph 15 of Annie Dillard’s “The Stunt Pilot”, she suggests that beauty is often more likely discovered in the quotidian than in the extraordinary. Closely tied to that beauty is the meaning that we find in life as well. Considering Annie Dillard’s “Death of a Moth” and “The Stunt Pilot” as well as Virginia Woolf’s “Death of the Moth,” write a well organized essay in which you defend, challenge, or qualify that suggestion. Use whatever evidence you consider appropriate to support your argument. 

Please note that the prompt says to consider those three essays. That means that you should think about them and what you might learn from them as a means of informing your understanding. It does NOT mean you must use any part of those three essays as support in your essay.

Length: 650 words +/- 10%
Due: February 20, 2015
Other Requirements: MLA style, awesome writing, strong development, general AP rubric stuff. I’ll attach an AP Lang Argument Goobric to it when grading.

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