Thursday, January 7, 2016

To Do on Friday

William Hazlitt: a self portrait
These are as they were written for the sub. It's getting late and I want to go home, so I'm not going to change the voice to fit you as the audience. Perhaps it can be a sneaky object lesson in how a misplaced voice can fall flat. ;)

  • Please take roll
  • Distribute the prompt
  • Have a student read the  prompt and the passage to the class, but DO NOT DISCUSS OR COMMENT ON IT YET.
  • Give students 15 minutes to write the best, most insightful paragraph they can responding to the prompt. They should shoot for 10 sentences. Some will do more, some less, but shoot for 10 really good sentences addressing the prompt.
  • In small groups, they will read their paragraphs to each other. Read the actual words; do NOT just paraphrase.
  • Discuss what people in the  group wrote. What insights into the passage did the group make? What is still needed to understand the passage and effectively and clearly  address the prompt?
  • We’ll debrief on Monday. Have them keep their paragraphs; I will want to see them on Monday.

No homework!

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