Thursday, February 11, 2016

Joy 101

The joy of learning is as indispensable in study
as breathing is in running . -Simone Weil
Take the article Joy: A Subject Schools Lack by Susan Engel and write a paragraph-level response. Your response should include your claim (position) clearly stated, evidence to back up your claim, an acknowledgement of the counter-argument, and a rebuttal. How are you going to make sure it's all there? Well, use the following template* created by Dr. Kathy Birkenstein and Gerald Graff to write your response. Post this response to your blog and have a great break!

The general argument made by author X in her/his work, _______________, is that _______________. More specifically, X argues that _______________. She/he writes, “ _______________.” In this passage, X is suggesting that _______________. In conclusion, X’s belief is that _______________.

In my view, X is wrong/right, because _______________. More specifically, I believe that _______________. For example, ___________. Although X might object that __________, I maintain that _______________. Therefore, I conclude that _______________.

*Yes, you have to use this template even if you will otherwise have all the elements there.

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