Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Destruction of Culture

You are working with the Chromebooks today to research pop culture artifacts from the past 15 years that help justify war, but “destroy culture”. There may be some intermittent discussion, but I don’t expect a ton. Some of you may need to talk out some options before you feel confident to proceed, but this is primarily an individual assignment.

Post your artifact and analysis of how that artifact connects to Chris Hedges’ argument in The Destruction of Culture to your blog.

This analysis should be 1-2 paragraphs. I'm looking at you Alyssa. Be clear and complete. Don't oversimplify, but keep is relatively short.

If you have not already turned in your prompt deconstruction packet, do so. I'll be by on my way home to pick them up.

Have a wonderful Spring Break! 

Note: When we return, we will have 27 school days before the AP Exam. It's go time!

On that note, the synthesis timed write Mrs. Dale will give you is optional but HIGHLY recommended that you do it over break. Give yourself 55 uninterrupted minutes. Set it aside for a while. Then go back to it and evaluate it as best you can. We'll discuss them when we get back.

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