Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ah, don't you just love Autumn?

The leaves are changing, a chill is in the air, multitasking is dying...

We decided in class that the central claim of Autumn of the Multitaskers is that multitasking is on its way out, hence the Autumn reference in the title.  The article itself is divided into sections (conveniently marked by a drop cap) and each section has its own argument.  These arguments support the central claim.

Your task is to note the claim in each section and record that on your blog.  Refer to the sections by their number, for instance, "the claim in section one is..."

Then blog your analysis concerning how Kirn brings all of these claims together under his central claim.  This doesn't have to be long.  A list of claims followed by a paragraph or so analyzing how it's all put together should be sufficient.

Oh, and turn in or blog your How Dumb Can we Get? Graff template write-ups if you have not done so already.  I forgot to tell 3rd period to turn them in.

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