Thursday, November 20, 2008

Missing Persons

All right.  Due to the awesomeness of the girls' soccer and volleyball teams as well as the strong support for those teams, approximately half of both AP classes will have school-related absences tomorrow.  Ergo, I'm scrapping my original plans for Friday. 

We will also move the vocabulary test to Monday.

For those of you that will be here, we'll talk about the next paper and then do something fun.  (We have been working quite hard after all.)   ;) 

For those of you that will not be here, check out your next paper assignment: The Researched Argument Synthesis Paper.  Over the weekend, try to pick the question you will pursue (you have a choice betwen 4 different topic areas and 12 different research/synthesis questions).

Have a wonderful Tolo (and Twilight premier).

Good luck Lady Trojans!!!!!!!!!


  1. You should put TWILIGHT before Tolo.
    Twilight is wayyyyy more important. (:

  2. THANKS!!!!!! YOU MADE MY DAY!!!!