Monday, November 10, 2008

Synthesis Paper and Vocabulary

Tomorrow we have off for Veterans' Day.  While you are home, you may wish to begin your paper (we will be in the computer lab on Wednesday, though we'll meet in the classroom first).  As noted before, our paper will be on Entering the Conversation question number 3 on page 787 (in the popular culture conversation section we’ve been working on).  Note that you must use at least three of our conversation sources, though you may also use any of the pop culture essays and articles we've read in class.

Synthesis Paper Requirements:

  • 1200 words

  • MLA format (page style, citations, and works cited page -- see MLA at Owl and Easybib links under the AP heading to the right for help on this)

  • Synthesize at least three sources from the conversation section (other sources are okay, but not required on this essay)

  • Sometime during career cruising, have someone peer review your paper

Due: Thursday, November 20th


  • Remember that your argument is paramount and your sources are there to support you, not the other way around

  • Key notes on Synthesis in our book are in chapter 3, especially the last sentence before the new section on page 62; the paragraph beginning "Sources should enhance" on page 65; and pages 81-85

  • Finish early and revise! When you revise, think about the following:

    • organization

    • how your sources interact with your audience (see p.69 ff.)

    • transitions!

    • remember that this is an argument, it's just one that is both informed and formally supported

  • Write a clear, literate, awesome essay!


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