Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Super Synthesize It!

I know I said you’d be reading an essay tonight, but I’m retracting that.  Don’t worry, Kristian; it’ll be all right.  You’ll have one to work on tomorrow evening.  ;)

Tonight I want you to focus on preparing for the synthesis essay tomorrow.  You guys really cheated yourselves when you went for the easy way out today in class.  So tonight I’d like you to go deeper than you did in class today.  As Grab says, this is one of your keys to understanding what it means to write an effective, high scoring synthesis essay.  Instead of noting that a strong thesis is important to the essay, examine and try and quantify what makes a strong thesis.  Instead of noting that you need to use sources well, determine what it means to use sources well, et cetera.

Get specific. THAT is what is going to help you.    

Those of you blogging your group’s information, thank you and please email me when you’re done so I can collect the posts and make them available to everyone.

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