Thursday, April 16, 2009

Weekend Homework? So Mean!

meangirlsp01No that you have seen Caleb’s favorite movie, write a short analytical blog post in which you discuss the movie in relation to Denby’s argument in High School Confidential (page 709 in our book).  By the way, I'm not showing this movie to torture the guys, but because it lends itself well to analysis in light of Mr. Denby's article.

In addition to the short blog post on teen movies, read and blog the questions for conversation entries 4 & 5 on pages 782-787.  Do not worry about the Entering the Conversation questions.  Those are something else.

Have a great weekend and remember that school starts at 9:40 on Monday, NOT 7:40!


  1. Mr Giddings? the questions you asked us to blog our answers to only go from 1-4, there is no 5. did you mean to type 3 & 4 or is there questions on another page you wish for us to answer?
    Kyle (tall)

  2. Wait never mind I figured it out.

  3. That's good. Sorry if it was unclear to you. There are 3 questions for entry 4 and 4 questions for entry 5 if that helps.