Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Feedback, Thanks, and AP Lit!

Thanks for the great feedback.  I typed it all up and will use it as I plan for next year.  It was encouraging as much of what you suggested, I was already planning to do.  Great minds, eh?  Seriously though, it helps to know that my assessment matches with your assessments as students.  Thanks again.

Best wishes in AP Lit next year.  If you haven't gotten the summer assignment, it is on Mrs. Robison's blog.  You can use your same blog you had this year, just email her with your blog address so she can add it to her blog and know where to get your work.

I will miss you all, but not so much that I'm not glad it's summer.  This will be my last post to the wonderful group of Spring 2009.  Sniff.

Have a wonderful summer and drop by to see me next year if you are so inclined.

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