Monday, June 15, 2009


If you'd like a copy of the pictures we took in class today, go to for the picture files.  Also, can someone with more talent and time than I have splice Kyle (1st Period Tardy Boy.jpg) into one or more of these pictures?

I forgot to upload your grades to grade checker before I went home.  (Sorry!)  They are all done though and I will upload them at school tomorrow.

You did well this semester.  Like I said in class today, you all did a really amazing job given how rushed the semester was.  I'm really proud of how you grew.  And thank you for the feed back.  I have a lot to consider over the summer as I try to make this class better.  Thanks again for being a great class and a wonderful group of people (yes, even Kristian -- wasn't he "student of the day" two days in a row once?).  :)

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