Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Know Thyself

Once again you need to determine where your timed write falls on the AP rubric (I couldn’t get the current one up this time).  Remember not to inflate your position on that rubric; be as honest as possible.

In addition to assigning your essay a number, write up an explanation like the ones from the question leader we read in class.  The basic pattern to those explanations are: what did the student (in this case you) do well (kind of summarize your argument and main points); where was the essay lacking; and finally what is the verdict.  Remember to be specific! Another way these are often written is as an evaluative walk through the essay, such as this example we discussed in class:
The opening two sentences of this essay, although attention-getting, have little to offer in terms of evaluating or advocating arguments about corporate sponsorship of schools. The second half of the opening paragraph asserts the student’s main claim: students should not be limited in their consumer choices. The following two paragraphs do the work of evaluation, weighing arguments for and against corporate involvement in schools, but the evaluation is fairly simplistic, particularly when considering the drawbacks of corporate sponsorships: the company’s products might be undesirable, and students who excel without corporate support are not given enough credit. The language problems, which are most conspicuous in paragraph 3, impede a reader’s understanding of the student’s intended meaning. Thin content development, failing to go beyond assertions without support, and pervasive language problems earned this essay a score of 3.

For those of you concerned with length, the example above is a good length.

Lastly, evaluate where you’re at in fulfilling the goal you created after the first one.

See you tomorrow!

NOTE: Ms Arndt said she collected your timed writes so we'll make this due Friday after I give them back tomorrow.


  1. May I come in during 5th period tomorrow to do my timed write that i missed? I was sick.

  2. How do I upload my blog on here.
    -Dulcerita Acevedo
    (First period)

  3. Dulcerita,
    I don't know what you mean by that...You just post your work to your own blog and I use Google Reader to read it (it tells me when you have something new.) I just checked and your second timed write evaluation is up. You are done.