Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Politcal Cartoons

Ah, there's nothing like meetings all day (or rather one meeting that lasts all day).  Though we got good, important work done and I'm glad we did it, trust me when I say I would have rather been with you!

Tomorrow we'll pull up your blogs in class and take a look at your political cartoons (the sub did tell you to do the assignment on page 13, right?  If not, do the assignment on page 13!).  You will have the chance to walk us through your cartoon and we'll discuss what we see. 

I hope things went well today and that the timed write helped you tap into your dormant writing skills, or at least helped get the lead out.  We may debrief them a wee bit tomorrow, but don't worry as we will spend all of Friday going over them. 

See you tomorrow!

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