Friday, May 21, 2010

Weekend...and the future!

greatgatsbyJust read through Chapter 4. We will discuss on Monday.

Just so you know, you will be getting the opportunity (don't read into that too much, it's required) to lead the class discussion on a chapter.  You'll go in groups of 3 or 4 starting with chapter 5. We'll have a sign-up sheet on Monday.

It will look shockingly like this:

  1. Chapter 5: May26th (whoever signs up for this date will of course get extra consideration for being first and brave and awesome)

  2. Chapter 6: May 27th

  3. Chapter 7: May 28th

  4. Chapter 8: June 2nd

  5. Chapter 9: June 3rd

  6. American Dream Gatsby Summative Discussion Extraordinaire: June 4th

Tuesday will be a prep/work day in your groups. I will be largely silent during these discussions, or at least I will need to raise my hand and wait to be called on. YOU will be responsible for the discussion.

I will grade these on the following criteria:

  • preparation

  • how well the discussion goes

  • if discussion stalls, how well the group kick starts or redirects the discussion

  • Insights not garnered from Spark Notes or its competitors (Maybe I'll just print out the chapter write-up and have them with me during the discussion in case I forget something).

This is a very rich book with plenty to work through. We will take two timed writes on this book as well and you'll be able to pick your favorite to be graded in lieu of a big paper.

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  1. Wow. This year has gone by ridiculously fast. At the moment it seemed so slow, but seeing those dates just made me realize this year is almost over :(