Monday, October 18, 2010

Starting the JFK Paper

We're going to start working on our JFK papers tomorrow. We'll meet in the Study Hall Lab, over by the the career center (you may know it as the door across from the vending machines) in the 400 building. 

This is an analysis paper. It’s important for writing prompts such as this that you to reverse the process, i.e. begin not with an analysis of the rhetorical strategies Kennedy uses to achieve his purpose—begin with an understanding of his purpose and explain how he achieves that through the use of his rhetorical strategies. If you learn to read for meaning first, you will then be ready to analyze how meaning is achieved (this is a restatement of the 2nd paragraph on page 35 of TLC).

Tonight, read pages 56-57 of TLC in preparation for writing tomorrow.

Vital Statistics:

  • 900-1200 words (3-4 pages)
  • Google Docs file name: Per 3 Lastname Firstname JFK Paper
  • Rough Draft Due: Wednesday, October 27
  • Final Draft Due: Friday, October 29

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    Here is a good example of an analysis of JFK's inaugural address.