Friday, October 1, 2010


white-and-nerdy Daily Grammar Phun is about to begin. That is, unless you cut it off at the pass by acing a DGP pre-test!
Remember that if we demonstrate proficiency on average as a class, we will drop DGP and only talk about grammar directly as it applies to our close reading of specific texts. So look over your pink packets and get ready for a DGP pre-test next week sometime.
We’ll talk about the threshold we need to reach. My regular English classes chose 80% as what would define competence. How many of you are okay with a B-? Consider what you would consider competent and we’ll talk about it before the exam.
That is you only homework, though make sure you bring your TLC books on Monday (there will be reading in class and at home Monday from that book).
Have a great weekend.

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