Monday, November 22, 2010


Whoo hoo!!!!!! We get to work on our papers at home on laptops around the fire with hot cocoa and warm blankets!!! Sooooo much nicer than writing in the computer lab here at school. :)

Hope you all got home safely. Remember to slay the procrastination monster and get those rough drafts done before Thanksgiving. We're having our rough draft day int he lab on Monday so have your essays on Google Docs for that day.

Enjoy the snow!!!!

Addendum: After a respite of depressingly little snow and bare, wet roads, big, fluffy flakes are falling hard and fast in the fair land of University Place. If school is canceled, we'll move our graded timed write from tomorrow to next Tuesday. If we're on late arrival schedule, we have 38 minute classes, which should be fine for the timed write (yes, I'll allow people to start before the bell, so you may want to show up early).

Addendum #2: Your prayers have been answered!! School is closed tomorrow, Tuesday the 23rd! Enjoy your day off and please, as one master recovering procrastinator to my many young padawan soon-to-be-recovering procrastinators, do yourselves a favor and work on your papers some tomorrow. You won't be alone...I'll be grading JFK papers tomorrow.

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