Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Writing Helps...digestion

School is closed tomorrow too, in case you haven't heard!

So, you may need help with your papers. On this blog, look over to your left (and likely down a bit) for a group of links entitled "Writing". Look especially at the IU Writing Pamphlets, the UNC Writing Pages, the Dartmouth on Writing Papers, and the Writing Introductions and Conclusions pages.

This is all solid, collegiate-level writing help. It is focused on the type of writing AP is preparing you for, so it is worth looking at (the Dartmouth writing tutorial is particularly strong). The student truly serious about improving their writing would read this tutorial. Be forewarned that it is extensive. The tutorial on writing a thesis sentence is 3,600 words alone. This tutorial is well worth your time, though.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!

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