Monday, April 16, 2012


______________'s paper
A number of people spent much of Sunday stranded in a foreign land. Given my heartfelt aversion to reading poorly thought through and constructed papers and the decided pleasure that comes from reading papers that are buoyed by creative vision and honed by ruthless revision, I have offered those that were on the Jazz trip an extra 24 hours.

If those of you who were not stranded outside a bus that was in no danger of catching on fire want to put your papers through an extra round of revision, you may turn your papers in on Tuesday as well. If you'd rather not look at it anymore, you may turn it in whenever you like before the deadline. Well, it is a free country so you could in fact turn it in after Tuesday, but then it would be late of course. (<--- humor)

Citing Sources
Remember when you're citing the essays from our textbook, they are sections/essays in an anthology. The three people on the cover are the source editors, and whoever actually wrote the article is the section author.

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