Monday, April 30, 2012

Thinking some more about Thoreau

Random Picture: Don't you feel better knowing
there are moths bigger than your head?
I bet they didn't have these at Walden Pond.
Still working with Where I Lived, and What I Lived For on page 276 of your books, search Thoreau for the following assertions we worked with in class today. They are all there. Most are explicit and some are implied.

  1. You can never truly know anything without experiencing it for yourself.
  2. We have very little control of our lives.
  3. Most people move through life half asleep, as if they were on autopilot.
  4. The reality of a thing or situation is often different than our initial impressions of it.
  5. Truth is something that exists far away (in time and/or space) that we will come to know someday in the future.
  6. In order for true community to take place, individuals must know themselves and have something to contribute.
  7. Our lives will never have meaning until we know ourselves deeply.
The last couple are more implied in the passage. Rather than finding a single reference for those, you'll likely need to combine a few references. Oh, and blog them once you find them. ;)
Just in case you didn't notice the shadow of its
wing on her face in the picture above, here's another to
establish size perspective. That moth is on the same side
of the door as the person taking the flash picture.
Moths seek the light, right?

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