Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gatsby Bookblog

Oh, those silly flappers...
This post is for clarification on the bookblogs and readings. After chapter 1, the bookblogs will be due by class time. That way, you are better prepared to discuss the book. The quality of our discussions will rest largely on the quality of your preparation. Tonight though, don't worry about the bookblog until later as you have papers to worry about.

Some in 4th period were interested in a study guide. Don't worry, it won't be required, but some of you may find it helps direct your reading. Here it is. (I think the page numbers are off from the versions we have at the moment; I got this from an AP Lit teacher I know. Once you find the first couple pages, just extrapolate out from there. If someone figures it out, I'll update the file for next year.)

The essay post has been pushed down pretty far. If you want faster access, this link is at your service.

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