Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rhetorical Einstein

Everybody likes riding bikes!
In the Language of Composition book (the  TLC book), read pages 1-10 and do the assignment on page 9-10 (I know we read the part about Lou Gehrig, but read the part after as there is a bit about assertions I forgot to talk about in 1st period). 

You should do this assignment on the blog. That means you create a new post titled with the assignment title and with your response in the blog body. If you have given me your blog address, I will get your assignment. If you haven't, I won't. Remember to hit "Publish" or it won't get to me.
Remember there is a vocabulary test tomorrow. See the Quizlet post below for studying resources.

Also, if you haven't sent me your blog address yet, see the Setting Up Your Blog, Part II post below.

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