Monday, September 23, 2013

What was he thinking?

rodin_thinkerHaving read Thinking as a Hobby, consider the different ways that the statuettes are positioned.  Golding is pretty clear that their positioning indicates a philosophy of life held by he or the headmaster at various points in time.  Think about the elements symbolized by these three statuettes: the thinker, the leopard, and the Venus de Milo.  I know you can probably come up with other symbols for aspects of life; His choices help indicate his own philosophy.

Your task is to first explain what the second two arrangements mean (the one he created during the dance and the one that closes the piece). Then, considering Golding's symbols, propose one additional symbol and come up with an arrangement that works with your philosophy of life.  Blog the results of your musings.  Make sure to explain their placement and what it all means.   There is no wrong answer -- there are thoughtful answers and answers that are dashed off without much thought.

leopardThis is due Thursday.  Read through the article again.  Feel free to mark it up.  Think about this a bit before you begin typing.

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