Friday, April 4, 2014

High School Confidential: The Present-Tense Moment in American Life

Part 1: For Monday after Spring Break, read pages 707 -714 and blog the Questions for Discussion #3 on p. 714 and Rhetoric and Style questions 1-7; 9-12 on page 715.

If anyone has the time and inclination, watch Election and report back to the class. Is it as good as Denby says it is?

Part 2: Read Corn-Pone Opinions by Mark Twain on page 717. From page 721, blog Questions on Rhetoric and Style numbers 1-11 for Monday after Spring Break. 

If you'd like to try and make some, here's a recipe for corn pone.

 Remember if you wish to rewrite your Orwell paper, it is due at the end of spring break. Also, make a copy of the original to edit. Leave the comments in the original document intact.

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