Monday, April 21, 2014

TV Bad! TV Good? Orwell, Huxley, Postman Oh My!!!

Brain rotting in 3...2...1
Anyway. About the paper...

Write to prompt 3 on page 787 of your book. Keep it to 1000 words +/- 10%. You need to use at least 3 sources from the conversation section (p. 766-787) and at least 2 outside sources. Those can be ones we've read or seen in class, or ones you find on your own.

Remember that a synthesis paper is essentially a research paper in that you are using sources. Those sources need to be cited. So, remember to look over the research paper resources for how to do that. Also, is your friend and he loves to help out with works cited pages.

It is due on Monday May 12. I don't normally give so much time on this one, but given the timing of various things, this is how it's working out this year.

Other Information

Timed Write Tuesday -- Whoo hoo!! Pen, no pencil.
By Wednesday, have the multiple choice section done and be ready to discuss.
By Thursday, have all the conversation essays read and blogged and be ready to discuss.

Video note: If you missed Merchants of Cool and want to see it, the link is in the previous post. It is fair game as a source for your essay.

Common Bibliographic Entries for the Pop Culture Paper

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