Thursday, January 24, 2008

Au Revior!

I'll keep this short.

Well, guys. I'm really going to miss this class.  You have been a wonderful group and I'm sad to see you go.  I wish we had the whole year together, but I'm proud of how much you all have grown over the course of the semester and I hope you all do amazingly well on the test in May. Remember to stay in touch with each other and to keep using your skills so they don't atrophy.  You know where to find me.


Mr. G

 PS  Pictures!!!!

PPS I forgot to give you that study guide I copied for you.  You can come by and pick one up at your leisure if you want one.


  1. hello mr. giddings. so this doesn't really have to do with the post. but i was wonderin why it says i have 2 missing assingments. i'm not sure what the synthesis blog is and and turned in my newspaper submission. i don't know if it's too late to fix any of that. but i was just wondering if you could help me out.

    and i'll miss your class. it was fun (for the most part :p)

  2. Alycia,
    The synthesis blog was from a while ago. You can find it on the blog in its original post and in a reminder post from before Christmas. I added your newspaper submission. You were at the bottom of a grade spectrum, so even with the synthesis blog, you would have the same letter grade, though a higher percentage, which doesn't affect your transcript.