Friday, January 11, 2008

Career Cruising Uploads

graduation_home.jpgAll right. time to check off another one of those graduation requirements. For your 5th year plan, you need to write a cover letter and resumé that you can upload to your career cruising portfolio. Please find their cover letter instructions here under the 11th grade requirements.

For the resumé, I gave you an itsy bitsy amount of instruction by way of example in class today (oh, the tyrrany of the clock!). Below are the worksheets and career center examples for the resumé. I know the examples I showed you in class are more focused and extensive, but the career center format is helpful depending on how full your resumé is at your "tender age."

resume_datasheet.doc; resume_worksheet.doc; resume_example1.doc; resume_example2.doc

Remember that your word processor likely has some useful templates for resumés and cover letters as well.  This needs to be done by Wednesday the 16th.  We won't be spending any time in class on this other than the few minutes we spent today looking at examples.  Obviously, if you have questions, we can deal with those, but I am not planning on particular lessons.

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