Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rhetoric in Literature

As you may recall from the summer assignment, literature has a rhetoric all its own.  It can be used to make appeals to a broader audience, or, as in the example from our text, rhetorical appeals can be made as part of the narration.  Authors use rhetoric to make you think or feel a certain way all the time. 

Your assignment is to read pages 12-13 in our book and find an example from literature where you see the author using some of the things we've discussed thus far to create a particular effect.  Bring in a copy to share with the class.  If you didn't talk today, be prepared to talk tomorrow.


  1. I was wondering if there was any writing that was going to accompany our choice of literature or whether we are just supposed to identify it.

  2. No writing required, but you'll likely have to think about how the piece of lit is constructed rhetorically, so you might want to jot a few notes down about that for class. You don't need to post anything on the blog. Good question.