Monday, April 21, 2008

Rephrasing the question

The results of our question analysis in class today are below.  Your task is to write new questions that require the same or very similar skills to answer based on the Future of Happiness text we read over the weekend.  If you haven't read it, please do so.  Homework then is to blog questions for 1-3.  We'll finish 4 and 5 up tomorrow in class.  That does not mean you don't have to do 1-3 tonight.   

  1. Identify something in the text; Analyze text/diction in context for meaning

  2. Explain an assertion; identify his argument; evaluate his techniques

  3. Analyze how diction reveals his bias/attitude

  4. Identify a relationship (between elements of a text); analyze par. 6 for pros & Cons then create/synthesize an ideal relationship

  5. Analyze the effect of a ref. to a person; evaluate how convincing his argument is; identify an effective rhetorical move or propose one that would make the argument better

Oh, and please make an effort to work better in groups during class.  Some of you do well, others waste time prodigiously.


  1. How many questions do we make up?

  2. 3. One for each of the 1st three skill sets.

  3. so my blog is freaking out again so just know I did my homework tonight and I will for sure bring it to school and turn it in. It keeps freezing up and I can't post things... so yeah.

  4. I'm sorry. Let's take a look at it tomorrow sometime.