Friday, April 25, 2008

That assertive angel

For your homework, blog your response to the following prompt:

Assertion Journal: The Angel in the House

Defend, challenge, or qualify the following assertion noting the complexity of the issue and acknowledging any possible objections to your point of view: the angel in the house is dead and no longer lives in the imaginations of either women or men.

Remember to explain the assertion, provide support for your position, and address the counterargument.   Responses should be 250-350 words.


  1. Alright when I read the Angel article it seemed like the angel represented the natural woman, ie. the woman in the writer that she was trying to get rid of in order to be taken more seriously by men as an author. Am I correct? If not help me understand what it represents because without that knowledge I really can't go anywere with the homework you gave on Friday.

  2. Read it again. I'm not sure what you mean by "natural woman." She means the social constructs of what an ideal woman (wife/mother/hostess--no more, no less) was in her day.

  3. Okay thanks that is what I meant "natural" was just the wrong word.

  4. haha so on my weekly progress report that goes out to myself and my mother via email it says

    40 4/24/2008 Work Smelling Cassi's Hair

    I'm just making sure I'm not getting marked down for this.

  5. No, you're not. I put it in there to tease you about it later and then forgot to delete it. Whoops! My bad.

  6. hey i put my extra credit on ryann's blog becuase mine wasnt working at her house. just thought i would make that clear incase you didnt already know that.