Monday, April 28, 2008

Silence and the Notion of the Commons

caro_silence.gifTonight read Silence and the Notion of the Commons by Ursula Franklin found on page 641 of your books. (How come no one ever names their daughters Ursula anymore? Maybe if Charlie ever gets a sister...)  Take a look at the questions and the type of things they ask.  Construct a multiple choice question of the depth we have seen so far (perhaps use the questions as a starting point).  Your question should include a stem (the question part) and five (a-e) choices.  Make your distractors reasonable so it is not too easy.  If this proves difficult, just do your best.  We will be doing a group activity in class on Tuesday that will hopefully alleviate any confusion you may have about this as well as familiarize yourself more intimately with the inner workings of an AP multiple choice question.  You've all answered enough multiple choice questions in your lives that I'm pretty confident you'll do well.

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  1. Giddings,
    I'm missing the Phillips Timed Write Annotation. I couldn't find any instructions on it so I was hoping you could tell me what we had to do for it.

  2. Why doesn't anyone name their kids Usula? Because Ursula is the name of the villan from the Little Mermaid, of course. No one wants to be associated with a fat octopus lady.

  3. Hey Jocelyn! How are you doing? We miss you stateside, but hope you're having a great time in Japan!